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Art Direction | Rebrand

All | Research, Identity exploration, Copy writing, Color and Type choices,
Kristen Coburn | Advertisements, Icon designs, Social Media, Animation
Abbey Dandy | Website Design, Blog, Photo Retouching
Jaylynn Davenport | Rider and Owner App, Apple Watch Design, Logo Design
Dania Juarez | Taking and Editing Photography, Promo Video, Fleet Design, Audio Editing
Tirah Kensinger | Helmet Design, Photography Editing, Podcast

GOATS Mission

Our mission is to provide quick and easy dockless transportation—the right way, bridging the gap between small business owners and consumers. We work directly with city officials and community members and strive to enhance the communities we enter, not to trample them.

Our Riders

GOAT creates a safe and responsible means of transportation for short-term mobility. Consumers can use GOAT knowing their money is supporting their local community.

Our Fleet Owners

Owning a fleet is a straightforward way to start your own business, and begin earning a passive income.

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Guerilla and editorial advertising

GOAT draws in potential riders through their safety initiatives through guerilla advertising and magazine advertisements.

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podcast ad

Another way GOAT reaches out to Austin locals is through sponsored podcast advertisements. Local listeners will be inspired to use GOAT because they trust what their podcasters have to say.

This ad was recorded by The Honey Pot Pod, an Austin based podcast dedicated to living well, building strong relationships and having fun. GOAT and Honey Pot Pod are a great fit because they are both Austin bred.


Social Media

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